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Space Quest 6 Story > Fight grime and battle evil adversaries with Roger as he joins farces with video games, TV and sci-fi movies, past and present - in his wildest adventure ever.


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Space Quest 6 Story
A Warehouse - Space Quest 6Heroes are so fast forgotten! Having defeated the diabolical pukeoid mutants in Space Quest 5, Captain Roger Wilco triumphantly returns to StarCon headquarters - only to be placed on trial. Looks like the tide of Roger's Dumb Luck™ was changing at last. He finds himself in front of the StarCon tribunal, where he is to be decommisioned. It seems our space janitor violated even more StarCon regulations than usual in his last interstellar adventure. After being stripped of his rank (Literally. It looks like the opening sequence adds a whole new meaning to the term "strip-searched".) and demoted to the lowly level of janitor, Roger is assigned to the DeepShip 86, an exploration vessel.

After a few days onboard the SCS Deepship 86, the crew is allowed some shore leave on the lovely planet Polysorbate LX. Naturally, problems are just as stone throw away for our Roger. While beaming down to the surface, the transporter messes up, and he finds himself literally stuck! Never mind that, Roger will find a way to improve his desperate position. The first thing to do on this beautiful looking planet (cough cough) is to check in at the Dew Beam Inn, where StarCon made a reservation. Or should I say "where StarCon SHOULD HAVE made a reservation"? The manager knows nothin' about no stupid StarCon reservation, so Roger has to cough up 300 buckazoids for the room himself. The only buckazoid in his pants isn't going to cut it, nor will stealing tips from a Waitron. Just as he managed to get that room, things really turn nasty. It's all there, in Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier. I guess you'll just have to play the game to find out whether or not Roger is able to save the Universe again.


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