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Space Quest 4 Plot Inconsistencies > The designers of Space Quest have made some small mistakes and overlooked certain details. This resulted in funny plot inconsistencies. I've listed them below.

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Space Quest 4 Plot Inconsistencies
In the mall in Space Quest 4, it is said about the Dandy Recipe Beamer, that the uplink won't be up until summer 2735, which indicates that the game takes place sometime before that. However, in Space Quest 6, the sign near the Information Superhighway Offices says it's to be completed "Never", scratched out from "9345", scratched out from "8345", scratched out from "7345", scratched out from "6345". This indicates that the game takes place much later in time than SQ4. To top it, the mall scene from SQ4 is supposed to be in the future. Also an interesting note: the Galactic Inquirer magazine that came with SQ5 is from the year 3009.

Ulence Flats BarYou can examine some writings on the backside wall of the Keronian Bar. The game will tell you that "you don't know what it says but you're sure it's not flattering". But in Space Quest 1, you can also read the message, and it will say: "It appears to be Sarien. You're a little rusty in your Sarien but it appears to say: "Xenon bites!" So Roger does knows what it says!

If you get the Sequel Police to appear before you even have been to the Software Store then that store's gate will be closed, but the crowd is still trying to run into the store, bumping against the gate. Here's a screenshot. As you might have guessed, getting that Space Quest 4 hintbook this way will be quite hard.


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