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Space Quest 4 Patches > This chapter contains software to repair or update your game. It also contains a patch to solve the timer problems!

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Space Quest 4 Patches

Space Quest 4 update for the CD-ROM version (Updated 08/04/20!) (2.6 MB)
This excellent update, developed by Space Quest fan "New Rising Sun" contains the following improvements for the CD-Rom version of SQ4:
- superior graphics, taken from the floppy version
- ability to hear speech and read text at the same time
- corrected timing
- various bug fixes
Added room of "stuff removed for legal reasons" (no speech there).
- Readded removed Radio Shock products (sorry, no speech for them).
- Added "Stunt Flyer" and "Dacron Danny" bargain bin games.
- Added priority information to sound resources.
- Orbs now emit sound during captiveScript sequence.
- Removed volume change during speech output. If the music is too loud, lower the volume in the game's control panel.
- Fixed scrolling in the video driver.
- RESOURCE.000 is no longer PKDCL-compressed. This means shorter loading times for DosBox users and yields better compression ratios for the .zip archive as a whole.

The windows interpreter called "SCIWV" is neither included nor supported. Don't use previous saved games. Please note that this update renders the other patches below useless. They are here to historical purpose only.


Space Quest 4 improved graphics driver (5 KB)
Disk version only! A better graphics driver, no need to reinstall the game. I recommend this patch for the DOS versions of the game. It fixes the flickering of your mouse pointer when you put it over an animation of some sort. This patch greatly reduces this annoying effect.


Space Quest 4 "zombie" patch (28 KB)
This patch will prevent a lock up problem when the "zombie" screams if you have a Turtle Beach Multisound card or another sound card that doesn't support variable sound sample rates through Windows.


Space Quest 4 text.001 patch (4 KB)
Disk version only! This patch will correct the Text.001 message when throwing something at the sequel police at the mall. To install it, simply copy the file to the game directory (SIERRA\SQ4). If you try to throw something at the sequel police, the game won't crash but will display a box in the center of the screen, sometimes with nonsense in it. Just click or <Return> and it will go away.


Space Quest 4 and 5 sound patch (8 KB)
This update corrects a problem with some Soundblaster cards in which only the first digitalized sound effect is heard. It also fixes the "unable to initialize audio hardware" error.

All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.