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Space Quest 4 Inventory Items > This page describes the inventory items of Space Quest 4 and includes information on their location and usage. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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BuckazoidsYou have 59 recession-riddles buckazoids. You already have some buckazoids when starting the game. Used to buy things.

A piece of RopeA crummy piece of rope. Found on the Xenon streets. Used to catch the bunny.

Unstable Ordnance A piece of unstable ordnance. Found inside the Xenon Battle Tank. Used to get yourself killed, okay?

A BunnyA darn cute bunny. Found on the street of Xenon. Used for the battery it has.

A BatteryA battery. Found inside the fluffy pink bunny. Used to power the PocketPal.

A PocketPalThis is just a dumb terminal. It won't do anything by itself. Found inside the trashed skimmer. Used inside the Super Computer.

Jar with green acidYou have a jar of green acid. Found inside the Sanitation Office. Used to scoop up the slime.

Papper-wrapped wadThis humpy paper-wrapped wad looks mighty interesting. Found inside the pocket of a Sequel Policeman. It possesses as part of the code for the time pod.

An Oxygen Tank An oxygen tank. Found inside the Latex Babes' cavern. Used to kill the Seaslug.

An ATM cardAn Autobucks Teller Machine card! Found on the escalator. Used to get money.

An SQ4 HintbookA SQ4 hintbook! Found in the bargain bin of the Software store and is used for the (time pod) codes.

Hint RevealerOh yes, it's a reveal-o-matic electric hint revealer. What do you think it does?

Cigar ButtA cute looking cigar butt. Found on the escalator platform. Used inside the laser tunnel.

A Book of Matches A book of matches. Used to light the cigar butt.

A Computer DiskThe label on the disk reads: Roger Jr., Brain Tools, Stunt Flyer. Found inside the Super Computer complex. Used to switch Vohaul's brain with Roger Jr.'s.
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