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Space Quest 4 Official Hint Book > Being stuck on a puzzle for too long is frustrating. On this page you won't find a walk through but the hints from the official hint book. A hint doesn't spoil the game like a walk through does.

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Space Quest 4 Official Hint Book
Space Quest 4 Hintbook
This page is about the official Space Quest 4 hint book, released by Sierra in 1991. The hintbook is of the usual Sierra hint book size, namely 15 x 11.5 centimeters. It consists of 48 pages and includes an interview with the Two Guys from Andromeda, cool design sketches, a pointlist and maps.

Scans: cover closeup (68 KB) - Page 12 with design scan (72 KB)

On the streets of Xenon
In the Dome
Estros Buttes
The Galaxy Galleria Mall
Ulence Flats
Back on Xenon again

On the streets of Xenon

I keep seeing this really annoying rabbit with a bass drum. Can I kill him?
- Geez, you've been playing this game five minutes tops, and already you want to kill something. Have you tried talking to him?
- Didn't work, huh? Hmm.. maybe you could... snare him?
- There must be a rope around here somewhere...
- Walk one screen East of the starting screen. You'll find the rope in the lower right corner of the screen. Click the HAND icon on the rope to pick it up.
- Now find a place to hide, choose the rope from the inventory window, and click the ROPE cursor on the ground to use it. When the bunny walks into the noose, click the HAND on the rope to catch him.
- Can't find a place to hide? That's easy. Walk between the two large red columns in the upper right side of the screen where you found the rope.
- Make sure you're completely out of sight.

I'm being stalked by a shrieking zombie. Every time he gets near me, I get zapped by a Security Droid. Is there a way to get rid of him?
- Nope.
- He's really fairly harmless and blind as a bat. Just stay out of his way and he'll leave you alone.

I killed the Security Droid, but his homing beacon is still flashing. How do I turn it off?
- I can't believe you thought this was a real question. You're not even armed -- how do you suppose you'd manage to disable a laser-shooting droid before he reduced you to a writhing mass of goo? I hope you're learned your lesson.

I've found a skimmer parked on the street. Can I use it?
- I don't think it'll run, if that's what you mean. There might be something in it, though -- try searching it. Click the HAND cursor on the skimmer.
- Maybe there's something in the glove box. Click the HAND cursor on the glovebox to open it.
- Hmm.. there's something in there, I wonder what it is? Click the EYE cursor on the object to find out.
- Gosh, it's a PocketPal™! Click the HAND cursor on the laptop to take it.

What about the tank?
- It won't run either.
- There is an item you can get... but it's dangerous.
- So you went to pieces, huh? I warned you.
- You got points for taking the unstable ordinance, right?
- Check out what happens when you put it back.
- As a wise man once said, you can't take it with you.

How do I get into the bank?
- What, you want to make a deposit?
- The back's closed, pal -- it's Charles Keating's birthday.
- In fact, it's closed for the rest of this game.

I can't get into any of the buildings around here. Can I get into that big ugly dome thing?
- You can't get there from here...
- See the little window way up the top? You'll have to fly up there.
- When the Sequel Police land, catch a ride in their shuttle (See the hint about the spaceship).

I've been wandering the streets of post-war Xenon for hours, and this zombie guy is really starting to annoy me. Is there anywhere else I can go?
- You betcha! Find yourself a nice sewer grate to jump in! (Doesn't that sounds like fun?)
- Walk one screen North of the starting screen, then head east. That's grate!
- Click the HAND cursor on the grate, and you're outta here.

I tried to go underground and I exploded! Did I do something wrong?
- Yep. Does the word "unstable" mean anything to you?
- You took the UNSTABLE ORDINANCE from the old tank. Unless you're ready to end it all, you don't need that. Next time, look it up!

I'm in an empty room under Xenon. Now what?
- Geez, you give up easy. This room's not empty, there's a desk here, with a jar on it. Did you get the jar? Good.
- Oh, you didn't get the jar? Well, click the HAND cursor on it. It's yours.
- Now click on the HAND on the desk blotter. Eureka! Sit back and watch the show.

The movie's over, and I'm stuck in this room. How do I get out?
- Left side of the room -- the big door with the wheel like in Iceman?
- Yeah -- turn it.
- Click the HAND cursor on the door to open it, then click the WALK cursor on the doorway to leave.

I'm in a sewer pipe. It's not bad, really, but there's not much going on (except for the green slime that keeps following me around). Any suggestions?
- in case you haven't figured out yet, that's man-eating slime. Don't let it eat you.
- Do you have the empty jar from the previous room? It was on the desk. Yeah, that one. Use it to scoop up some of that slime -- it'll come in handy later on.
- I know, it's not easy. Choose the JAR icon from you inventory window. Now walk around until some slime starts oozing from somewhere. Stand downstream and click the JAR cursor on the slime. You're gonna have to get close, but not too close. Good luck!

How do I get out of the sewer?
- Walk to the far WEST side of the sewer and find the ladder.
- Yes, climb it. Now watch what's happening above ground for a while.
- When the shuttle has landed and things quiet down a bit, you can click the WALK cursor on the street to leave your hiding place.

A ship landed on the street, and a lot of mean looking guys with guns got out. Should I hide?
- Well, I wouldn't let them catch you. On the other hand, they do have a ship...
- These guys are the Sequel Police, remember them? They're out to get you, but you can outsmart them. You'd better, they're your ticket out of here.
- Wait until they've all hit the pavement, walk to the shuttle and climb into the landing gear compartment.
- Click the HAND on the area just below the leg. Off you go!

In the Dome

Can I get back down to the street?
- Yep, the same way you got there.
- Climb back into the shuttle, and it'll take you down.
- To return to the landing bay, go through the shuttle and out the manhole again after the shuttle has landed. Ten board the shuttle through the landing gear like you did the first time.

I'm still in the landing bay, and I keep getting shot. What the heck am I supposed to do here?
- You're supposed to steal a timepod! (sheesh!)
- After you exit the shuttle, go West. Wait for the second pod to land and for the pilot get out, and walk West. Quickly click the HAND cursor on the pod. Safe!

I'm in the timepod, but I can't get it started. Did I miss a set of keys somewhere?
- Yeah, they're back in Space Quest III (just kidding): You need the U.I.V.P.P.P. (User Identity Verification Pirate Protection Program) code.
- You have zee code, no?
- You have zee documentation, no?
- The U.I.V.P.P.P. is located in the Space Piston Magazine in the Timebuster 2000 SUX Road Test Article by Y. Hugh Iotta.
- Don't forget to right down the current code!
- If you have the CD-ROM version, enter any code code you want. The second time will get you doing.

I entered the U.I.V.P.P.P., but the pod still won't go anywhere. What's the deal guys?
- Have you ever used a timepod before? I thought not. Okay, each time zone has its own set of coordinates. The ones that were on the screen when you entered the pod where for Xenon, sometime in the future. I hope you remember them -- you might need to get back there sometime. You don't remember them? Hope you saved your game (snicker!) To get anywhere from here, you'll have to punch in the correct coordinates for some time zone.
- Use the force, Luke!
- Aw, come on, just try it-- punch in six digits and see what happens.
- Whadd'ya mean nothing happened? Did you press ENTER? Okay, try six more. Presto!
- P.S. Don't forget to write 'em down!

Estros Buttes

I've landed the timepod, now how do I get out?
- Click the HAND cursor on the red button on Roger's left.

I found a cave, but every time I go in, a troll eats me. Do I need a lantern?
- Only if you're playing King's Quest IV.
- You're not playing King's Quest IV, so you must know that the above question was a clever ruse to ferret out indiscriminate hint book users!
- There is no cave, there is no troll and you won't need a lantern on Estros or anywhere else in the game. Now stop reading hints you don't need!

I keep getting zapped by the Sequel Police. How can I avoid them?
- If I where you, I'd catch the next flight out of here.
- No, I don't mean leave the planet. Say, have you seen any giant pre-historic flying creatures around here?
- The best way to avoid the Sequel Police is to exit your pod and walk immediately to the far West side of the butte. After a large, formidable shadow passes over the ground, walk back to the pod and take the stairway down. There's a mama of a pterodactyl just waiting to give you a lift.

I've fallen into a giant bird's nest. How do I get out before I'm lunch?
- There's a hole in the bottom right side of the nest. Click the WALK cursor on the hole to escape.
- By the way, did you search the Sequel Police officer's body? Click the HAND cursor on the body.

I've escaped the pterodactyl nest, only to be captured by a bunch of scorned women. Is there any way out of this?
- Those scorned women are famed Latex Babes of Estros. You leave one of them at the altar in a future game, and they never forget a grudge. I'm afraid there's no way out of this one, you'll have to go with them.
- Wait 'til they tell you to get in the sub, then click the WALK cursor on the hatch.

The Latex Babes have fled, and I'm about to become a slug snack. Is this the end?
- Not if you can reach that button...
- When the slug's slimy tentacles are wrapped around your legs, click the HAND cursor on the button on the arm of the chair.
- If at first you don't succeed... Do it again!

I zapped the slug, but it just made him mad. How do I finish him off?
- Didn't you see JAWS?
- See those thanks to the right of your chair? Grab one and feed it to him.
- Click the HAND cursor on the air tank nearest you, then click the TANK cursor on the slug's mouth.

The Galaxy Galleria Mall

The Latex Babes have gone shopping, and I'm wandering around the mall. It's cool enough place, but I'm not feeling very heroic. Is there something I should be doing?
- Well, you don't look very heroic in your bare feet and cutoffs -- don't you think you ought to get some new clothes?
- From the top of the escalator go West on the walkway. Stop at the Big and Tall Alien store and talk to the clerk. He's got what you need.

This automatic walkway is too slow. Can I make it go faster?
- Click the WALK cursor on the place you want to move to, or use the direction keys. Look at Roger go!
- If Roger is walking in place, you're trying to walk in the wrong direction.

I'm wearing my Generic Space Hero suit, buy I don't have enough Buckazoids to buy anything else. What's next?
- Did you get the ATM card?
- The AutoBucks card the babes dropped at the top of the escalator -- you picked it up, right?
No? Well, go back to the escalator and get the ATM card. Don't worry, it's still there. Now all you have to do is find an Automatic Teller Machine.

Excuse me, is there an Automatic Teller Machine around here anywhere?
- Right next to the software store.

I found the Automatic Teller Machine, but it won't let me use my card. How do I make it work?
- Your card? That's not your card -- it's Zondra's card. Why, you don't look anything like Zondra. You can't even fool me -- did you really think you'd be able to fool that machine?
- You need a clever disguise.
- Visit the Women's Clothing Store, and talk to the clerk. She'll be more than happy to assist you.
- Now go back to the Automatic Teller Machine and Clean House.

The cute alien girl asked me to go skating with her. Where can I rent some skates?
- Oh, she did not.
- You're doing it again...
- Why are you still reading this? All the cute alien girls in this game are off skating with cute alien boys. Grow up, Roger! You've got a planet to save!

I know I need to buy some things, but I don't have enough money. Where can I pick up a few quick Buckazoids?
- Have you considered getting a job? Somebody around here is bound to need a janitor, or something.
- If you're dressed properly, go to Monolith Burger and talk to the manager. He's looking for a competent employee, but maybe you'll do.

How am I supposed to earn money when I keep getting fired?
- All these years as a space hero haven't really prepared you for the working world, have they Roger? Oh, well, you only needed another $21.00 anyway.
- You couldn't even manage 21 burgers? Boy, you're worse off than I thought. Have you tries going back and begging for another chance?
- Go back to Monolith Burger and apply for a job again. As long as you didn't earn more than $34.00 the first time, he'll hire you back.

Can I buy anything at the software store?
- Sure you can -- if you have enough Buckazoids.
- The only thing you need is the Space Quest IV hint book from the bargain bin.
- Yeah, I know this is the Space Quest IV hint book. Just pretend, okay?

Do I need anything from Radio Shock (Hz so Good)?
- There is an item you'll need, but you may not know what that is yet.
- If this is your first visit to the mall, you can buy an adapter. It may not be the right one, but you can buy it.

Okay, this is my SECOND trip to the mall. NOW do I need anything from Radio Shock (Hz so Good)?
- Are you telling the truth? Is this really your second trip to the mall? Or are you reading hints you don't really need yet? I want to think very carefully about this before reading any further. This might be one of those trick questions -- wouldn't that make you feel foolish?
- Last chance...
- Okay, if you're really at the mall again, then you must have an idea of what you need. In order to use you PocketPal™ in the Super Computer terminal back on Xenon, you need an adapter -- but not just any adapter.
- While looking at the Super Computer terminal, you need to pay special attention to the shape and pin configuration of the plug. At Radio Shock (Hz so Good), look at the available adapter, and buy the one that looks like it will fit.
- Now go back to the Super Computer on Xenon.

I've been reading the Space Quest IV hint book. It's been very entertaining, but it hasn't helped me yet. Is there any useful information in it?
- I beg your pardon? Oh, you mean that hint book. Yes, there's definitely something in it you'll need.
- Can't you find anything that pertains to your situation? Come on, look one more time.
- (Sigh) It's the question about the timepod. The last window contains part of the coordinates you'll need to get out of here.

I'm at the Women's Clothing store. The clerk seem eager to help me -- is there something I need here?
- Believe it or not, yes. If you're fixed for Buckazoids, you need what she's selling.
- Do you have the AutoBucks card? The babes dropped it at the mall entrance.
- Go back and read the questions about the Automatic Teller Machine.

I'd really like to waste some time and Buckazoids at the arcade. Can I do that without getting shot?
- Don't you have anything better to do?
- Until you're finished at the mall, I don't advise wandering around the arcade.
- There's one game you can play if you visit the arcade early enough. Don't waste a lot of time or you're history. Ms. Astro Chicken is the first game on the left -- it's a real gas!

Where can I change out this ... uh .. disguise?
- Aw, don't go changin'.. you look so cute!
- Oh, all right. You left you generic Space Hero suit in the dressing room at the Women's Clothing Store -- maybe you should go back there and change, huh?

I've done and seen everything I can at the Galaxy Galleria Mall. How do I get out of here?
- You'll have to steal another timepod. Have you seen one around?
- If you're really done at the mall, go to the arcade. Walk to the right rear of the room, and your chariot will arrive -- whether you like it or not!

Help! The Sequel Police have tracked me down at the arcade -- can I lose them?
- Your future was bound to catch up with, Rog. You're going to have to outsmart them again. This is going to take some clever maneuvers - think you're up to it?
- First, get out of the arcade without getting shot.
- When the S.P.'s arrive, you should be standing in the right rear of the room. Move the cursor to the front (bottom right side of the screen) and click the WALK cursor as soon as you have control again.

I ditched the Sequel Police at the arcade, but they always catch up to me sooner or later. Where can I hide?
- Come now, did you really think it was going to be that easy? They're armed! You're going to have to make it difficult for them to get a shot at you.
- Ever tried to shoot somebody in Zero-G?
- Skate-O-Rama? What a great idea! You're a genius, Rog. Now, get out there and keep moving.

I can't get passed the Sequel Police in the Skate-O-Rama.
- Your computer is too fast. Download the Turbo program at my download page. This program will temporary slow down your pc.
- It is almost impossible to get passed them if you have a fast computer (+250 Mhz). Click here for more information

I've out-foxed the Sequel Police once again, but now I'm at a loss. What should I do?
- Boogie back to the arcade and steal their timepod.

I'm in the stupid timepod. Where else can I go?
- If you've been a good little adventurer, you have the coordinates you need for your next stop.
- The first half is in the Space Quest IV hint book; look for the question identical to the one above.
- The second half is on the gum wrapper which I hope you lifted from the Sequel Policeman's body back in the pterodactyl nest.

Ulence Flats

Wow, déjà vu! I'm back at Ulence Flats, and it's in AGI! Can I get into Droids B Us?
- Nope. Droids B Us is closed, and so is Tiny's. The only place you need to go is the bar.

Every time I try explore this lovely low-res landscape, I get zapped. What should I do?
- Don't go out there!
- The only place you need to go is the bar.
- So go there already!

I went to the bar, but I got tossed out on my ear (so to speak) by the Monochrome Boys. Am I here for a reason?
- Roger, it's time you stood up for yourself. Go back in there and... well, maybe that isn't such a good idea. Just do what any other red-blooded space hero would do -- get even.
- See those motorcycles? Okay, take a deep breath and click the HAND cursor on one (Hee, hee!)

I got rid of the Monochrome Boys, but there's nothing much else going on around here. If I hang around too long, they're bound to come back, right? What do I need to do before I can get the heck out of here?
- Now that they're out of the bar, you can go back in. There's something in there you're going to need.
- There's a book of matches on the bar. Grab 'em.

I think I'm done at Ulence Flats. Where do I go from here?
- Head back to Xenon. You do have the coordinates, don't you?
- The coordinates were on the screen when you first entered the pod back on Xenon. If you didn't write them down, you're out of luck, pal.

I can't get back to my timepod -- the Monochrome Boys keep killing me!
- Use the mouse or arrow keys to dodge 'em. Good Luck!

Back on Xenon again

I've landed back on Xenon. Can I get inside the dome? Do I even want to go?
- Yeah, you want to. You're going to have to get past that locked door though. Hmmm... do you have the lock-picking kit?
- Wait there's no lock-picking kit in this game -- I must be thinking of Quest for Glory. Well, what else do you have that might be useful here?
- A blow torch? No, that's not it. A jar of acid? Hey, it's crazy, but it just might work.
- Pour the acid on the lock (choose the jar from your inventory window, then click the JAR cursor on the door. Click the HAND cursor on the door to open it.
- You do have a jar of acid, don't you? You remember the green goo in the sewer? If you don't have it, you'd better go and get some now.
- To get down to the street, get into the shuttle landing gear space again.

I'm in a tunnel. When I try to walk to the other end, I get fried. Is there a way through here?
- This is a test. How resourceful are YOU? It's time to review the items in your inventory.
- The items you'll need to get through through tunnel are: 1) A book of matches, 2) An old cigar butt and 3) A brain. The first two can be found in this game. The third is located between your ears (we're counting on this).
- Okay, choose the matches from your inventory window. Click the MATCHES cursor on the cigar butt. Now select the cigar butt from the window. Click on OK.

Uh... I don't want to sound like a dork, but where do I get the cigar butt?
- You dork, the manager of Monolith Burger threw it at you right after he fired you. It's laying at the end of the Galaxy Galleria walkway in the escalator area.

I can see the laser beams, but I still can't walk through them without killing myself. Is this a trick?
- This is where the grey matter comes in. See the keypad on the wall? Click the EYE cursor on the keypad to get a close-up view. Now look at the angles of each set of laser beams. The object is to enter the correct rotation angle for each set, in order to place each in a straight up and down position. With this accomplished, you can walk through the tunnel unmolested.
- All that stuff about rotation just too confusing? Okay, I'll give you the first one to get you started. With the beams in the initial position (before you made any attempts to adjust them) and the flashing bar in the top window, press 156 on the keypad, and press ENTER. The first set of beams will rotate to the desired position.
- The second set of beams can be adjusted from the initial position by entering 024 into the keypad.
- If you've already adjusted the beams to the wrong angles, use the keypad to enter multiples of 12 until the beams are in the correct position.

I made it through the tunnel, but I keep getting zapped by Security Droids. How can I avoid them?
- At this point you need to get in and get out, stopping only a bit of information.
- At intervals along the walkways, are a series of small boxes; these are terminals for Vohaul's Super Computer. Click on the EYE cursor on the first terminal you see upon entering this area. You'll get a close up view of the terminal, and you should study it carefully )I suggest making a sketch) -- you'll need to remember what it looks like. Then get the heck out of there.

I went through the tunnel, looked at the terminal, and got out alive. Is there anything else I need to do here?
- Now you need an adapter to make you PocketPal™ work with the Super Computer's terminal. Where might you go for a nifty electronic gadget like that?
- Radio Shack (Hz so Good)! Jump in your timepod and head back to the Galaxy Galleria mall.
- Now see the question about your "second trip" t the mall, somewhere in this page.

I bought this PocketPal™ adapter thing -- what do I do with it?
- Adapt your PocketPal™, of course!
- Choose the adapter from the inventory window. Click the ADAPTER cursor on the PocketPal™.

My PocketPal™ won't work. What am I doing wrong?
- It's only a terminal -- it won't work by itself. You'll have to find a computer to plug it into.
- Plug you Pocketpal™ into the Super Computer terminal inside the dome (choose the laptop from the inventory window, then click the LAPTOP cursor on the Super Computer terminal). This will allow you to monitor the movements of the Security Droids. Note: Don't try to click the LAPTOP cursor on the close-up view of the terminal.
- The flashing grey rectangle is you; the flashing blue or green octagon is a Security Droid travel along a predetermined path, until they detect your presence and seek you out for disposal. This is a trial and error situation; keep trying until you reach the Programming area -- that's where the real fun begins.

My PocketPal™ won't work, and the above didn't help me. Any other brilliant ideas?
- Boy, you're really in trouble. Well, the way I see it, you have have one of two problems )or worse yet, two of two problems). Firstly, are you sure you bought the right adapter at Radio Shock (Hz so Good)?
- Secondly, the PocketPal™ needs power. Do you have a battery?
- Don't give up yet -- maybe you just don't know you have it. Look closely at your inventory items.
- If you still can't find a battery, I must conclude that you failed to snare the hare. See the question about the rabbit somewhere on this page.
- If you have the rabbit, click the EYE cursor on him. See the battery? Now click the HAND cursor on the battery. The battery will become a separate inventory item. Choose the battery from the window, and click the BATTERY cursor on the PocketPal™.

I plugged in my PocketPal™, and Sludge Vohaul showed up. Did I do something wrong?
- No. Just pay attention to what he says, and continue on your way.
- He's got your son, Roger. You're going to have to rescue him.

I'm wandering around inside Vohaul's Super Computer. Where should I go?
- Find your way to the Programming Chamber.

I found a door with a keypad on it. I think this is the Programming Chamber, but what's the code?
- You're right, it's the Programming Chamber. The code's in the hint book.
- Look under the question that begins with "I'm in a strange room inside the Super Computer..".
- You don't have the Space Quest IV hint book? You were supposed to buy it at the Software store.
- The code is 69-65-84-76-69.

I'm in the Programming Chamber, and all I can see is a lot of strange symbols on my screen. What am I supposed to do here.
- That depends, are you feeling brave? More importantly, have you saved your game lately?
- This is the place were you can really get things moving, of you know what I mean.
- You can disable the Security Droids by clicking the HAND icon and dragging it into the toilet. Don't you just love Drag'n'Drop? This will make it a lot easier to get around in the Super Computer.
- To format Vohaul, click on the BRAIN icon and drop it into the toilet. Now the meter's running, Rog -- hurry up and rescue Roger Jr.!

I can't find Roger Jr.! Where are they keeping him?
- He's in Vohaul's chamber.

I found Roger Jr., but these orbs keep shooting at me. How do I help him?
- Have you started the formatting sequence?
- Find the Programming Chamber and start the formatting sequence. When you've done that, the orbs won't shoot at you.

I've reached Roger Jr. only to find him possessed with Vohaul! What now?
- You have to get that disk into the drive before the formatting sequence is over!
- Roger Jr./Vohaul threw the disk containing Roger Jr.'s essence over the edge of the platform. You have to retrieve that disk and put it back into the drive!
- You're going to have to fight Roger Jr./Vohaul and win. Use the mouse or arrow keys to fight him.

I fought Roger Jr./Vohaul, and he's stuck in the beam again. How can I get Roger Jr.'s disk back?
- See that ladder on the left side of the platform? Use it.
- Click the HAND icon on the ladder.

I've got the disk, now what do I do with it?
- Put it in the drive!
- Choose the disk from your inventory window, then click the DISK cursor on the disk drive.
- Now click on BEAM UPLOAD to upload Vohaul into the Super Computer. Click on DISK UPLOAD to upload Roger Jr. into the computer. Select Roger Jr. from the list and click on BEAM DOWNLOAD. Roger Jr. will be downloaded to his body, and Vohaul will be formatted in the Super Computer.
- Now sit back and watch the touching ending.

All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.