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Space Quest 4 Game Information > Take a trip through space and time as Roger embarks on a topsy-turvey adventure through his own past and distant future. The deadly Sequel Police are out to make this the last Space Quest ever.

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Space Quest 4 Game Information

Space Quest 4 was released in the winter of 1990/1991 on six high density disks. In March 1991 Space Quest 4 was re-released on cd-rom, now with full speech support! Yes sir, everybody talks in this game! A funny note: the voices in the game are from Sierra employees, except the narrator. The game has 256 colors hand painted graphics, unlike the 16 colors of previous Space Quests. It was one of the first games ever with video captured animation. The game engine used is the next generation of SCI, the engine we've seen in action for the first time with Space Quest 3. But this time, no parser interface but a point and click, so no more typing! The great MIDI music and Sound Blaster sound effects give a huge extra to this game. Space Quest 4 was an instant success, selling more copies than all the previous three together. Which is a good thing because the game cost about one million dollars (King's Quest 4 was the first game ever to cross the 1 million dollars barrier).

The game was originally sold for $59.95 and was included later on in several bundles and collections. The original game came with:
- a box
- six 3.5" game disks (seven with the Macintosh version) and I don't know how many 5.25" disks. You could choose between DOS, Amiga and Macintosh formats.
- a Sierra game manual
- a Space Piston Magazine booklet
- optional hint book for $9.95
- Sierra games catalogue
- several leaflets third party companies offering services and products


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