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Space Quest 4 Fun Facts > This page contains everything you wanted to know about Space Quest 4 and then some!

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Space Quest 4 Fun Facts
Space Quest 4 was the first Space Quest game to feature a voice talkie. Fans where introduced to Gary Owens - the popular narrator voice in Space Quest 4 (and later again in Space Quest 6). Here are some cool funfacts you might not know about Gary and a photo to match that famous voice:

Gary Owens - narrator of Space Quest 4 and 6.Gary Owens ...
... was born on May 10, 1936
... was born in Mitchell, South Dakota
... appeared in The Love Bug
... appeared in Border to Border
... appeared in Spy Hard
... appeared in Eek! the Cat
... appeared in The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show
... appeared in Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
... appeared in That '70s Show
... wrote a book called How to Make a Mllion Dollars with Your Voice: (or Lose Your Voice Trying)
... wrote a book called Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco
... wrote a book called The Drowned World
... acted in the movie ''Midnight Cowboy''
... sadly passed away in 2015 following complications with diabetes.

The Multimedia PC CD-Rom (the one with the garbage bin and transport shuttle) features a nice typo. On the edge of the CD, it reads: "trademards" instead of "trademarks". Woopsie.

There's a bug in the CD-Rom version that sometimes forget to give you points. So it might be possible you did everything right but don't have full score at the end of the game!

A Music Note The resource.aud file that contains all the sound files of Space Quest 4 is NOT coded as is the case with other resource.aud files from Sierra games. Download this sound player for Windows, load the resource file and you can listen to it! You can find this file on your Space Quest 4 cd. Or, if you have the Space Quest Collection in the Space Quest 4 folder. Some of the sounds aren't in the actual game, like Roger reading the items in Hz So Good, instead of Barry Smith.

"Amazingly enough, no women's organization sued us. I was practically astounded and disappointed by the lack of protest. NOT that I want that. No way. I just thought someone would say something." - Scott Murphy.

All the foreign versions of Space Quest 4 (and SQ1VGA) also have the English language files included. Just go to the control panel and click on the Sierra About Logo. The last button on the right changes it from English to whatever the foreign language you're playing. Apparently, SQ4 and SQ1VGA are the only Sierra games that include this option. This concerns foreign versions of the disk release of Space Quest 4.

The Super Computer's hard disk contains King's Quest XLIII and Leisure Suit Larry IV. The hologram of the scientist talks about a virus actually emerging from an LSL game, and Roger Jr. refers to it as the "Vohaul Virus". In this case, Al Lowe really wrote LSL4.

There's a timepod code that takes you to the surface of Ortega (see easter eggs). Obviously you don't have your thermal underwear so you will die. The death message is a direct spoof from an American drug campaign. A man gets some eggs and says: "This is your brain". He then proceeds to fry them and says: "This is your brain on drugs". He then looks churlishly at the camera: "Any questions?"

If you wait long enough in the Xenon Sewers (about 2 minutes), Roger looks at the screen, shrugs, and asks you player: "So why am I standing around?" He can also scratch his ass, instead of shrugging.

You can talk to the ingredients in Monolith Burger. Also try sniffing and tasting them. This can only be done in the CD-Rom version.

Bunny RabitIn Space Quest 4, there's an appearance by an Eveready Engergizer-bunny. Sierra wrote Duracell and asked for permission, since the bunny is owned by Duracell everywhere except in the States, where they lost it to Eveready. Later, they got an angry letter about it. Scott Murphy adds to the story: "Our legal counsel at the time did contact Duracell asking permission to use a likeness of the bunny in our game. I'm sure they thought this as amusing as the rest of us did. I don't think he'll ever forget nor live it down. He eventually contacted someone by phone at Eveready and got a verbal agreement with a token fee in exchange and all looked fine. Hey, free advertising or "product placement", as they call it now. After the disk version had been out for a full year and we had been working away on the CD speech version of SQ4 we did get one of those letters from a different member of the Eveready company. Ken's thought and rationalization for continuing to use it on the CD version was that we had already sold most of the number of units we expected to sell, we had the verbal agreement, it was a legal parody blah blah blah... Anyway, the back of the rabbit has a black and copper looking battery in it, it was ignored and finally went away."

Contributed writer Josh Mandel posed as Hymie Lipschitz for the parody box cover. The glasses, hair and other accessories aren't his own, but it's him under there.

Neil Matz, one of the programmers for Space Quest 4, dropped by at the Janitorial Times and shared a nice easteregg with us: "In the room under the grate (where the jar & the holograph are), move just to the left of the table and then walk as far south as possible (you should not be able to see your feet). Then walk as far left as possible. In the inventory select the buckazoid and click it on the lower left part of the screen (you will only see a quarter of it when you click). Where you are standing and where you click the buckazoid are different locations, btw." And the egg does work! This picture shows what happens. For those of you who like to see Neil in action: the Pickle in Monolith Burger is his voice. And, can you remember the Current Inside Copy video that came with the Space Quest Collection? Neil's the SQ-Fanatic at the end of the movie.

Two Guys Comix Shortly after Space Quest 4 was released the famous Two Guys from Andromeda (aka Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe; the designers of the Space Quest series) broke up! Mark Crowe moved to Oregon, to work for Dynamix (a Sierra sister company at that time) and Scott Murphy stayed working in Oakhurst. Scott Murphy: "It wasn't so much 'running out of ideas' as it was that we needed some change." Scott and Mark would never again work together on a Space Quest game. 

Most people who play Space Quest 4 today, play the cd-rom version. That's because this version is supplied with the Space Quest collections and because after the cd-rom version was released, the disk version wasn't sold anymore (or not sold in those quantities as the cd-rom version). You probably think there are tiny differences between these versions. After all, it's the same game. That's true, but there are some remarkable changes....
Speech Close Up - Speech: that's the main difference. But we all knew that.... I hope. In the cd-rom version, you can choose between speech or text, not both. Too bad the Two Guys didn't thought of this (though, that's not entirely true, read the last funfact for more info). The cd version has nicer icons, and character close ups. Just like the image to the right.
- The disk version is a DOS only game. The cd-rom version was adapted for Windows 3.11 and later for Windows 95. Windows was pretty new back then and Sierra wanted to make sure their games would run perfectly on this new operating system. Now, that's all fine with me but I think they did a half ass job! Why? Space Quest 4 is designed to run in a resolution of 640 x 480 at 256 colors. Not only does the disk version runs perfectly in Windows 95 or 98, but also if your screen is set to a color mode higher than 256 colors (16bit or 32bit), and a resolution higher than 640 x 480. The game will still run in full screen and the colors will look as they should. You won't have that luck with the cd-rom version. You'll need to turn down the settings yourself to 640 x 480 at 256 colors to fully enjoy the game. Space Quest 4 (and 6) are not the only Sierra games with these problems. They could have programmed something into the games to automatically adjust the resolution and color pallet of Windows. Only because they wanted their games to run in a stupid window, sheesh! Not to mention that the disk version has no timer problems.
Software Excess Clerk - There are also some cosmetic changes to the game. The clerk of the Software Excess store, for instance, actually waves with his hands all the time when it is talking, while the cd counter part version is a stationary lump, so to speak! The design team also changed the monochrome bikes. In the disk version, the bikes are colored. But in the cd-rom version, the bike are monochrome, just like the boys who ride them. Then there's the Super Computer structure. The disk version has a beautiful sky color which looks more "threatening" than the sky in the cd-rom version. The lightning in the back also looks better, I think.

Cd-rom version
Mono Bikes
Disk version
Colour Bikes

Cd-rom version
Supercomputer Complex
Disk version
Supercomputer Complex

You can actually get speech and text at the same time. Here's how it's done. You have to be in the Software Excess-store in the Galaxy Galleria. Look at a box in the bargain bin. While the narrator is talking, press space. The guy will keep talking, but a box will appear, asking you weather you want to keep the box or what. Choose exit. There! Text and speech! Now you can't get rid of it, unfortunately. The following also works. During the introduction, when Gary says "We rejoin our friend and semi-hero Roger Wilco ...", hit the space key. A window will pop up, asking whether you want to skip the introduction. Note how Gary still yabbers on, even though the game is now paused. Elect to SKIP the introduction. Okay, so you won't get to see the introduction but the rest of the game will now have text AND speech. This little bug might cause some funny things to the game - for instance, some of the speech seems to disappear in certain places.

When playing the disk version of Space Quest 4, you can avoid the guards in a different way to the standard skate-o-rama sequence. Go to the arcade and get the sequel police on your ass. Now, if you go to across the skate-o-rama arena, losing the sequel police, and go out the other side. Now, go to the entrance screen of the mall and turn around again, go past the software store and into Radio Shock. If you're quick enough this will happen.


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