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Space Quest 4 Credits > Take a trip through space and time as Roger embarks on a topsy-turvey adventure through his own past and distant future. The deadly Sequel Police are out to make this the last Space Quest ever.

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Space Quest 4 Credits
Executive producer: Ken Williams

Creative director: Bill Davis

Producer: Guruka Singh Khalsa

Designed by: Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe

Art designer: Mark Crowe

Lead programmer: Scott Murphy

Music director: Mark Seibert

Programmers: Scott Murphy, Doug Oldfield, Dan Carver, Neil Matz, Bob Andrews, Max Deardorff, Oliver Brelsford, Carlos Escobar, Brian K. Hughes, Randy MacNeill, Doug Oldfield, Raoul Said and Jerry Shaw

Animators: Jon Bock, Jane Cardinal, Jeff Crowe, Mark Crowe, Max Deardorff, Desie Hartman, Eric Kasner, Jim Larsen, Nathan Larsen, Suzi Livengood, Cheryl Loyd, Michael A. Milo, Gerald More, Cheryl Sweeney, Willis Wong, Dana Dean, Don Waller and Karen A. Young

Music and sound effects: Ken Allen, Rob Atesalp, Mark Seibert, Rick Spurgeon, Orpheus Hanley, Aubrey Hodges and Veronica Oldfield

System development: Jeff Stephenson, Robert E. Heitman, Pablo Ghenis, Dan Foy, Larry Scott, Terry McHenry, Mark Hood, Eric Hart, Ken Koch, Chris Smith, Jack Magne and Martin Peters

Additional material (Space Piston and others) by : Josh Mandel, Marti McKenna and Cheryl Sweeney

Quality Assurance: Bill Hilton, Matt Genesi, Mike Harian and Dan Scott

CD-producer: Dan Carver

Voice cast:
Gary Owens
Jeff Bender
Roger Wilco
Stuart Moulder
Roger Wilco Jr.
Scott Murphy
Sludge Vohaul and The Mustard
Kelli Spurgeon
Josh Mandel
Monolith Burger Manager
Jane Jensen
Mark Seibert
Sequel Police 1
Orpehus Hanley
Sequel Police 2
Barry Smith
Monochrome Boy, Hz. So Good Salesbot and Bartender
Neil Matz
The Pickle
Max Deardorff
The Lettuce
Bill Hilton
The PermaBuns
Vana Baker
The Mayonnaise
Bill Shockley The Ketchup


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