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Space Quest 4 Cheats and Debugs > Sometimes the designers of Space Quest forgot to remove certain debug modes (which is used to remove bugs and errors). Players can use this to their advantage or it leads to interesting situations.

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Space Quest 4 Cheats and Debugs

Time pod debug patch (8 KB)
This patch allows you to instantly travel to any of the SQ4's time era's. This comes in handy when you've got an old saved game, but forgot to write down the proper timecodes. The zip file contains two files, namely script.531 (for the disk version) and 531.hep (for the CD version). They are to be applied the same way as the timer fixes: copying them into the right SQ4 directory, updating patchDir/patchPath settings in RESOURCE.CFG or WIN\SIERRA.INI if necessary. To enter the debug code, just go inside a time pod and click on Roger's left shoulder. This should bring up a text box with all the SQ4 time era's. Go pick one! Please note that this patch is for advanced users only.

There's a rare beta version of Space Quest 4 out there, which contains Sierra's debugging codes. This beta leaked from Sierra about six months before the game was officially released. It was distributed by a cracker group known as "The Humble Guys" (or "THG" for short). Besides the debug codes, the game appears to be very buggy and crash-prone. The debugs of this cracked version are listed below.

- Alt A gives current status of Ego
- Alt B displays "Script .943 not found" and exits to DOS (yeah!)
- Alt C display changes to the priority bands. These are the rough areas which control the priority of objects to each other. Hit Alt C again to return to game screen.
- Alt D Debug on/off toggle. This has many commands of it's own, most of which are probably the same as the Alt commands.
- Alt E Gives info on available objects. The objects displayed vary according to where you are.
- Alt F Gives available memory parameters
- Alt G Allows you to change variable values, if you know the variable names.
- Alt I Displays all the possible inventory items and lets you get anything you want. Just click on anything, or everything, you want! Getting things this way can cause the game to behave in strange manners.
- Alt M Adds 20 buckazoids to your bankroll.
- Alt N This is used to save bug reports (for the code jockeys to decipher).
- Alt P Another screen mode, similar to the Alt C screen. To exit this screen, hit Alt C twice.
- Alt R Gives the room number and additional info for the current room. Use these in conjunction with Alt T.
- Alt T Can teleport you to any room. If the room number you enter does not exist, you get dumped back to DOS. Here are just a few valid room numbers:

25 to 115, in increments of 5, are the rooms you begin Space Quest in. Room 72 is the manhole.
410 Skate-O-Rama
391 Software store
371 Clothes store
390 Radio Shock
385 Monolith Burger
375 Arcade
340 being tortured by 2 luscious babes
150 Roger Jr. in the ray
610 Bar from Space Quest 1
535 Docking bay on first planet
Alt W displays "Script .948 not found" and exits to DOS (yeah!)
Alt Y Allows input of "vanishing" variable.
Alt Z Exits to DOS


All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.