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Space Quest 4 Characters > Roger meets a number of interesting characters in Space Quest 4. This page offers a description of the most important ones. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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Sludge Vohaul
Sludge Vohaul
When Roger Wilco stopped Vohaul's life-support system back in Space Quest 2, our Emperor of Evil managed to download his entire brain onto a computer disk just before he died. The disk somehow survived the burn up of the Asteroid Fortress and floated aimlessly around in space. Years later, according to Professor Lloyd, a deep space salvage operation found a box which had the words "Leisure Suit Larry" imprinted. Inside the box was a disk which the scientists of Xenon loaded into their Super Computer (this computer controlled all weather and defense systems of Xenon). The disk contained a deadly virus which instantly downloaded Vohaul's brain into the supercomputer... Vohaul was back.

In vain, scientists tried to pull the plug, but it already was too late. The Vohaul virus had spread, and began to rage war on the inhabitants of Xenon. After all these years, he finally got his revenge. Not soon afterwards, Sludge unraveled the secrets of time travel; a powerful new weapon against the rebel resistance. He ordered his Sequel Policemen to go back in time to get Roger Wilco before the rebels would. Roger Wilco is, after all, the one man in the universe that had ever defeated Sludge. Sludge knew Roger "wasn't available" in his current time line (SQ12) and that he must stop the rebels from getting to Roger first... At all costs...

This plan failed and it was to be his downfall.

At the end of Space Quest 4, Roger managed to defeat Vohaul once more. The evil scientist now lays forgotten at the bottom of the Super Computer complex, once again in digitalized disk format, awaiting a new chance...

Roger Wilco Jr.

Roger Wilco Jr.
Roger Wilco's son and one of the last surviving rebels to fight Vohaul. Roger Wilco Jr. is sent back in time on a secret mission, to get Roger Wilco Senior from the Space Quest 4 time era, into the Space Quest 12 era. He is Xenon's only hope...

The Latex Babes of Estros

Zondra: Latex Babe
Once again, Roger knows how to get himself into trouble. He traveled to Estros by accident, and got captured by the beautiful ladies of Estros. Zondra, the leader of the Babes, said she had some scores to settle because Roger left her at the altar! What a hero he is after all! Roger is taken aboard their sub, and transported to the Babes' secret hide out. Roger managed to win the girl's affection by showing his heroic acts..... Dumb luck, I mean. Another important Latex Babe is Thoreen who is quite educated in the arts of torture.

Sequel Police

Sequel Police
Xenon, and especially Roger, must pay! Digitalized as he was, Vohaul knew he couldn't kill Roger on his own. He therefore erected the Sequel Police: an army of time traveling robots, with the sole purpose to find and exterminate Roger. Vohaul knew if he could kill Roger, there was no one left in his way to rule the galaxy. The Sequel Police are terrible Zero-G skaters.

The Monolith Burger Manager

The Monolith Burger Manager
A typical manager of a typical Monolith franchise. Out of employees, grumpy and always willing to make you assistant manager. That is, if you stick with him long enough.

A Cyborg

A Cyborg
Former Xenon rebel warriors. These poor souls were captured by one of Vohaul's henchmen and.... 'modified'. They infiltrated the loyal ranks of resistance, rooting out almost all the rebel hiding places and exposing them to the mechanical menace. Some of them still wander the streets.

Security droid "Droid-O-Death"
Droid-O-DeathOne of the most hated objects in the entire Space Quest Series. I think every Space Quester has been killed at least three times by this machine. This security droid is searching the streets for life forms. It doesn't think when he sees you, it just shoots. Be sure to hide yourself behind something big when it appears.

Professor Lloyd

Professor Lloyd
Lead designer of the Xenon Super Computer Project, the ultimate in artificial intelligence. One of the persons responsible of tying it to Xenon's most important facets of existence, like weather control and defense systems. The computer was possessed by a virus and waged war on the inhabitants of Xenon. Lloyd joined the rebels to stop his creation. Soon after Vohaul invented time travel, Professor Lloyd mysteriously disappeared and is assumed dead.

Monochrome Boys

Monochrome Boys
These intergalactic goons are always up to no good, roaming the galaxy like they don't have anything better to do (which is infact the truth). Infamous for terrorizing any space bar they can find and they always do a good job in inviting themselves to parties. Their monochrome colors indicate they're stuck in time; they are still riding sandbikes! I'll bet their favorite music is rock 'n roll. Be sure to call the police when you see them!

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