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Space Quest 4 Cancelled Stuff > The source code of the game sometimes contains codes, animations and graphics that aren't used in the actual game. Or a magazine printed an early beta screenshot that didn't make it into the game.

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Space Quest 4 Cancelled Stuff
Dacron Danny
Josh Mandel (co-designer of Space Quest 6) wrote the in-game hint book and the bargain bin items of the Software Excess store. One of these items isn't there in the bargain bin, but still resides in the source code of the game: Dacron Danny. Even the sound fragment is there, right in the resource.aud file: "Imagine a character so offensive, so sexually inept, and so lame-brained that you just can't wait to step into his shoes. That's Dacron Danny, first in the Sahara Off-Ramp's new educational series of true life adventures from the team of Hal Lowe Can You Go! Learn how others see you! Dacron Danny, your computer guide to your inner self." Click here for the MP3 file (360KB). Obviously, this is reference to Al Lowe's Leisure Suit Larry series, also created by Sierra On-Line.

But there's more! There's also the Stunt Flyer box, yet another bargain bin item that didn't make it into the final game. The narrator notes that this program was on the same disk Roger Wilco Jr. was on at the end of the game. Makes you wonder why this isn't there in the real game...

Besides the very cool bargain bin items, you can listen to loads of sound fragments that aren't used in the actual game. How you can achieve that is described in the funfacts section of this page.

Using a program called Sci Studio, I opened up the Space Quest 4 source code and found a very cool screen that isn't there in the actual game. The room itself seems to be taken from King's Quest 6. You see in that game, there is a secret passage in a castle that leads to princes Cassima. In KQ, the wall with the Droids B us on it has a hole which you can use to talk to the princes on the other end. It seems to be a room which contains several items of dubious origin. For instance, ZZ Top is there (remember they tried to stop their satirical cameo appearance in Space Quest 1 after they found out about it a few years later?). Then there's the Droids'R'Us logo from Space Quest 1. Sierra had to change it into Droids'B'Us because Toys'R'Us had sued them and won the lawsuit. Looking at the left wall is the Hero Quest banner complete with logo. Sierra had to change the name of their Hero Quest game into Quest for Glory because the name "Hero Quest" was already used by another company (which made popular board games). Impossible to miss is that dinosaur on the back wall who pretended to be a dad/family guy in the 1991 Dinosaurs TV series. And of course, the "Radio Shock" shop sign from Space Quest 4 (disk version) which was changed later on into "Hz so Good" for the CD-Rom version. You can also see some kind of notice on the back wall. But we can only guess what it says. Maybe there was a secret time code to this room, and maybe there still is. Nobody knows. Please click on the image for a larger picture.


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