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Space Quest 4 Cameo Appearances > A cameo appearance is a brief appearance of a well-known or notable person. Space Quest 4 is chockfull of them and they are all listed in this page.

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Space Quest 4 Cameo Appearances
The security droids in the Super Computer look exactly like the Probots (Imperial Probe Droids) in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

The theme music from Quest for Glory is occasionally played in the Software Excess-store in the Galaxy Galleria, made out to sound like internal pc speaker. Also playing is the Space Quest theme, the King's Quest theme and the Leisure Suit Larry theme.

Luke Skywalker's little red speeder is disguised as the crashed skimmer on Xenon at the beginning of the game.

Leisure Suit Larry is mentioned in the holographic recording in the Xenon sewer headquarters.

King Graham playing aroundKing Graham makes a cameo appearance in the pterodactyl nest on Estros. Just wait for a few seconds in the nest and you'll see something very small streak across the sky. This is, in fact, King Graham being carried by a condor (from King's Quest 1).

Bob AndrewsIn the Big & Tall store in the Galaxy Galleria, you can sometimes find a guy near the bargain selection, rummaging around, occasionally pulling out a pair of shorts with red dots. This is former Sierra On-Line programmer, Bob Andrews. He himself explains: "Having me show up is actually pretty simple. Go to Big & Tall after clearing out the ATM and changing back to your Roger clothes, but before buying the adapter plug from Radio Sho... er, Hz So Good." On a side note, this only happens in the CD-ROM version of Space Quest 4. Bob is also responsible for the CD-Rom-only ATM machine image, and his cameo also has an appearance in Bruce Balfour's Dagger of Amon Ra.

During your visit to Ulence Flats, the Blues Brothers will appear on stage, since they also appear in Space Quest 1.

The owl from King's Quest 5, Cedric, appears in the Miss Astro Chicken game in Buckazoid Bill's Arcade & Sushi Bar.

The trash can in Buckazoid Bill's Arcade & Shushi Bar is actually one of the agents from "Get Smart". Try talking to it, you'll see what I mean. According to Scott Murphy, "This cameo was conceived by programmer Jerry Shaw. He was in his Don Adams period at that time."


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