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Space Quest 2 Story > Sludge Vohaul, the demented evil scientist defeated in Space Quest 1 is back...and he's madder than a drenched astrochicken.

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Space Quest 2 Story
As you will recall in our last chapter, Roger had just foiled the Sariens fiendish plot to rule the galaxy by using the Star Generator as their weapon of destruction. He became a hero by saving countless lives and returning the Star Generator technology into safe hands. His efforts were awarded with the coveted Golden Mop, as a token of eternal gratitude. Our should/would/could be brave janitor became an instant celebrity. Soon, Roger was to be surrounded with media attention. He was guest at the Dave Letterdroid Show and playing in those new Kellogz NucleoCorn TV commercials. Blimey, even Hollywood exploited "the Wilco-crazy" by producing a movie based upon Roger's truly unbelievable story (Roger directed the movie himself, which guaranteed a questionable coverage).

Life was beautiful...

But heroes come and go and people soon forget. He's now lightyears away from the fame he once achieved as his celebrated herodom had slowly faded. His memories and his golden mop are the only momentos of the hero he once was... The promotion to head janitor was no consolidation (especially since he is the only member of the janitorial staff). Nor was the transfer to Orbital Station 4. Sweating like a pork-beast in a pressure suit while relocating space debris in zero-gravity, just wasn't your idea of a good time.

Life sucks.... Again.

Sludge VohaulHis new adventure starts as his boss orders him to go clean up some mess in a shuttle that just arrived. When entering the shuttle, Roger is being knocked unconscious by two ugly goons who were waiting for him. After a while, he wakes up to find himself tied up, and facing the mighty Sludge Vohaul (the alien more hideous than your Aunt Hildegard)! As the Sariens' commander, Vohaul is a little bit pissed at Roger for ruining his Sarien Operation. And now the mad scientist has devised a new plan to make Xenon pay! Ensuring Roger will not interfere again, he is sent to the Labion labor mines, to enjoy many painful hours of labor...

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