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Goodies > This page is about Space Quest goodies. Like rare or funny items related to the Space Quest Series. But also stuff that I found in the media (TV, game magazines, radio, etc).

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Make your own Andromedan Snout™!
Frans van HofwegenThe pigsnout and glasses were originally supplied with Space Quest 3 and I've scanned it for those who don't want to miss out on looking like a mentally disturbed human piece of waste from Andromeda! Click here (3 MB) for the PDF file. It's an image with 300 DPI and its dimensions are 17.15 centimeters wide and 21.59 high. Print it with a colour printer, paste it onto a piece of cardboard (I suggest using at least 300 grams paper), use a pair of scissors to cut out the picture and there you go! The only thing that's left is your very own death-ray shield. It's a thin piece of green transparent plastic. Visit your local hobby shop or office supply store, and I'm sure they can help you. After that you're ready to roll, Bucko! Please keep in mind that the Chdnarian race aren't friendly to Andromedans (that's an understatement). You don't want to run into one of them, they might mistake you for a real Andromedan.


Promotional badge
I found this badge on an eBay auction. It's an official Space Quest 3 promotional badge dating back to the 1989 era. The left picture shows the front of the badge, containing the box art of the game. And the right image confirms its age as the metal looks all corroded.

I don't know where it came from but I guess it was handed out on one of those software fairs. This might well be one of the last one surviving the hands of time.


Promotional Mug
This mug is a promotional item created for the release of Space Quest 6. It was never released commercially. Too bad huh? Click on the image for a close up and an alternative picture.

Josh Mandel, designer for Space Quest 6, explains: "There is a separate bottom section to the mug containing some little bits of stuff. The stuff is: a block of sponge, a tiny broom, a tiny plunger, a couple of cardboard "floppy disks," and a whole mess of silver stars.

The second picture: It's blurry, but in the bottom of the mug is a black-and-white picture of Roger. Written at the bottom of the picture is, "STUCK ON YOU LIKE ALIEN GOO!" and it's signed, "Roger Wilco." Beneath Roger's signature is "Space Janitor, Space Quest 6."


The Best of Sierra
This is a magazine released by the German CUC division (CUC was the owner of Sierra On-Line back in 1998). Each edition of this magazine offers a CD with two once popular Sierra titles for a bottom price (DM 14,90 which is about $7,50). It covers reviews and offers complete game solutions for the game supplied on the CD. To your left you see a scan of the fourth edition (released in January/February 1998). It features Space Quest 6 and Lode Runner. You can click on the cover for a close up (104 KB).

At that time almost every computer was fast enough to trigger the famous problems one encounters when playing Space Quest 6, like the installation crash and the Sickbay error 47 thing. I was surprised to find an article which helps you through these problems. The CD (which includes the German version of Sq6, complete with German speech no less) also includes two savegames to help you through the Sickbay Error 47. There's an extensive article about the Space Quest Series in there, with colour screen shots of all the games and even the SQ7 promo movie. Interesting is that Space Quest 7 wasn't cancelled when this magazine was printed. The game was expected for release later that year and is mentioned in the article. The same article contains a cool photograph of Scott Murphy, with presumably the Sierra building in the background. The walk through of Space Quest 6 is huge, very cool read indeed.

The rest of the magazine is filled with uninteresting reviews of upcoming Sierra games and your usual adverts and editorial ramblings.


Rare Space Quest 6 Images

This picture is made by Chris Willis, who worked as an artist for Sierra during a 7 year period. It was an idea for the Space Quest 6 box cover. However, it was rejected. Click on the image for a close up.

This is another rejected idea for the Space Quest 6 box art, originally appearing in an issue of Sierra's InterAction. I've got this picture from the Virtual Broomcloset.

One word: Yuck! This picture is from the Sierra website... From the year 1996! Innard Space was the working title of Space Quest 6. Eventually it was decided to name the game "The Spinal Frontier". Click on the image for a close up.

A cool logo indeed. Looks crappy by today's standards, but cool none the less. This picture is from the Sierra website... From the year 1996! Click on the image for a close up.

This will make a cool desktop wallpaper! Mind, the image is huge. Surprise your friends and show it to your girlfriend. She will appreciate it for sure. This picture comes from the Sierra website... From the year 1996!

Other Images
This is a scan from the Oxford Dictionary. It explains just perfectly why the Two Guys named Roger Roger... And not Bill or George. Click here (36 KB).


SIerra Hint Letters
Sierra used to answer hint requests quite personally. Of course, it did contain the usual "standard reply elements" - Like "you can also buy this hint book for only $9.95". To top things off, letter would be signed with a signature by the person who sent the letter. They don't offer hint support like that anymore. I have two letters you might want to see. Just to show you how things happened in the early days, when Sierra still cared about its customer.

1990 hint letter 1/3 (196 KB)
1990 hint letter 2/3 (216 KB)
1990 hint letter 3/3 (160 KB)

1992 hint letter 1/3 (132 KB)
1992 hint letter 2/3 (228 KB)
1992 hint letter 3/3 (48 KB)


Space Quest in the media!
Game Players Encyclopedia of Pc Games Volume Two (released around Spring 1991) features an article about Space Quest 4, one of the hottest games around. Here's the cover of the magazine (168 KB), and here is the article (reprinted in InterAction Summer 1991).

The June 2004 issue (#239) of "Computer Gaming World" has a feature called "The most Overrated/Underrated Hero". As you might have guessed, the underrated Hero of that issue is none other than Roger Wilco! Check out this scan (124 KB).

Issue 2 of the Retro Gamer Magazine has an interesting article called "Top Ten Working Class Heroes", which includes Roger Wilco. Click here (296 KB) for the scan. An interesting detail: the guys at Retro Gamer used art work from the SQ7.Org project.


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