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SpaceVenture BETA testing has begun! - News: Sunday, Aug 2, 2020

It's been a long road getting from there to here....wait, wrong franchise. Let me start over...

It's time! It's been 8 long years since SpaceVenture was announced and its Kickstarter campaign started by those Two Guys From Andromeda Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy (and the very special honourary Andromedan Guy Chris Pope!) but the light is finally at the end of the tunnel. SpaceVenture has officially entered the BETA testing phase! Those backers who pledged at the proper tier to qualify for beta testing are getting their copies and making bug reports AS WE, TYPE! And that includes yours truly:

Beta testing for SpaceVenture has begun!

If you have pledged during the Kickstarter at the appropriate tier to qualify for beta testing, I suggest heading on down to the latest Kickstarter Update to find out how you can get your beta key!

There have been a lot of naysayers and non-believers over the years who (some understandably) doubted this would ever see the light of day, but here we are at last. The development has been riddled with personal and health problems on the parts of the teammates, but they stuck to their guns and saw their goal in sight. Turns out all we needed was a little "faith of the hear-"...AGH! Sorry, wrong franchise again.



Space Quest IV CD-ROM Patch - News: Saturday, July 4, 2020

As I continue to slowly update increasingly outdated sections of this website, I bring to you now the proper, updated, latest patch by NewRisingSun for the Space Quest IV CD-ROM edition which restores the superior backgrounds from the floppy version, the hidden "legal room" accessible via the time pod, and other such additions. The version that's been here for years is sorely outdated.



Space Quest TLC - News: Sunday, November 24, 2019

• Added download for a patched version of Space Quest The Lost Chapter that fixes the "Stack Blown" error. This should have been here years ago!



SQ1 Fun Facts - News: Tuesday, January 29, 2019

• Updated the SQ1 Fun Facts section to correct an error regarding the Orat not showing up in SQ1 V1.0X until visiting the hologram underground.



Space Quest III 3D Demo - News: Sunday, June 3, 2018

• Updated the Fan Fiction and Fangames section with a new "Unfinished/Demo/Fanart Fangames" entry with short demo of a Space Quest III 3D prototype made in Unreal 4!



We Are BAAAAACK, Baby! - News: Thursday, February 22, 2018

Welcome back!

We hope you're as elated as we are to have the one, the only, the original COMPLETE SpaceQuest.Net back for your perusal and enjoyment! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Brandon Blume and Troels Pleimert, longtime Space Quest fans who have been active in the online SQ fan community since the mid-90s and we continue to be passionate about Space Quest and its legacy!

Troels is known as "The Space Quest Historian," and wrote a comprehensive tome of knowledge known as the Space Quest FAQ. The FAQ was used by Frans as the building blocks for the first iterations of SpaceQuest.Net. Troels was also community manager in the crowdfunding campaign for SpaceVenture.

Brandon was a moderator of the SpcaeQuest.Net forums for many years. In 2012, the site was revamped and merged with The Virtual Broomcloset, and Brandon remained on as moderator and administrator. He also actively participated in the crowdfunding campaign for SpaceVenture and was one of the primary composers for the Space Quest II fan remake by Infamous Adventures.

Recently, SpaceQuest.Net was put up for sale by its owner, Frans van Hofwegen. In an effort to make sure the site remained in the hands of fans, rather than scammers or other ill-wishing ilk, we raised funds privately and started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to purchase the domain and restore the site to its former glory. We planned to turn the ownership rights over to us so that SpaceQuest.Net remained in the hands of fans.

We are restoring the site to its former glory, retaining all that made the original great: the comprehensive database of walkthroughs, music files, goodies, rarities, box cover scans, etc. We will make sure that SpaceQuest.Net stays true to Frans' vision of a one-stop repository for all Space Quest knowledge and information. We are going to be setting up a new section on the site honouring our donors who graciously contributed to the furtherance of this website via the aforementioned GoFundMe campaign.

Before shutting down his website last year and putting the domain up for sale, Frans started working on a brand new redesign for SpaceQuest.Net with a responsive interface and a much cleaner/sleeker up-to-date style. His work is unfinished, but he's agreed to hand over what he had worked on for us to continue and finish up. Once that is done it will replace this older design as the official main design of SpaceQuest.Net going forward and Frans' dream of an modern day comprehensive web database for all things Space Quest will live on! (If we have anything to say about it. Luckily, we do!)

Here's a list of all the updates made to the site:
• Updated the Links section. Updated all URL changes and removed entirely links to defunct websites.
• Removed links to the old Janitorial Times message board. If there's demand for this, we'll bring it back. For now, all the thread history from the old forum is available at the Two Guys From Andromeda Forums.
• Updated the About section with information about the new webmasters. The original information written by Frans, the original site founder, is still there for posterity. Respect where respect is due!
• Updated the Contact section with email and Twitter links.
• Updated the Fan Fiction and Fangames section which was severely outdated. There's been some great fangames that have been released since that you should certainly check out!
• Updated Timer Issues section which was also severely outdated.
• Updated Buying the Games section which was ALSO also severely outdated. All the games are now available on multiple digital distribution platforms. Welcome to the future!
• Updated Box Art page with scans of the 2006 Space Quest Collection by Vivendi Universal. There are other variations of this package with different covers but this is the only one I have. If you have one of the others and have the means to get it scanned, please contact us if you're interested in contributing.
• Updated Designers, Fan Stories, and various details in different game sections.


SpaceQuest.Net - News: Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Hello Space Questers!

Are you just as excited about the recent news as I am? The Two Guys coming back together! Have you had a chance to actually reflect on that yet? Good, me neither. That's why I'm jumping around like a headless Astro Chicken for the past couple of days.

To be frank (yet I am called Frans), I haven't figured out yet what my future role will be. Or the role of this website, for that matter. But what I do know is that exciting new things are definitely stirring on the horizon. I'll do my best to get things started and I've decided to take things as they come.

To make optimal use of my time, I've decided I won't be updating this news page a whole lot. For now, please follow my Twitter account and visit the Janitorial Times, as they will be my primary means of communication for the coming weeks and months. Ooh, by the way: I reopened my good old e-mail address: [REDACTED]!

So, that's that for now... Until I figure out where this is all going. But keep in touch. This time it's going to be different. I mean, it has been six years, hasn't it?


Help the Two Guys From Andromeda create their epic new Spaceventure - News: Sunday, April 15, 2012
<FTP Access denied>... "Crap, let me first reset that one."
<FORKLIFT FTP --> main.php LAST MODIFIED 4/25/2006"...Come on! Has it really been THAT long?"
<FILE -> OPEN IN DREAMWEAVER> "...Can't believe I'm actually updating a website on a Sunday! Don't I get enough of this crap during the week already? What the hell am I thinking?"
... "Holy crap! ... Are those FONT-tags I'm seeing? And where the fluff are all the headers gone too? And ANY other symantic construction of ANY type? Has this guy ever heard about W3C and accessibility?"
... "Geezes Kryst! Who coded this crap? ... Now wait a minute! ... Let me just copy / paste this son-of-a-table .

Ooh, wait... I'm already online? *cough* *cough*... Lemme see. How did I used to do this again?


Hello Space Questers!

It has been almost 6 years to date since I last wrote to you. Grandpa here used to remember a day when there was no Twitter, Facebook, Justin Bieber or Google+ to worry about. Let alone those pesky Social Media and SEO experts! So I come back to you now at the turn of the tide.

... Ooh, so you think that's a bit old fashion too? Wel, you may be right.

Anyways, it has come to my belated attention that - apparently - The Two Guys From Andromeda have returned to our part of the galaxy! So much so that they have hopelessly fallen into horrific human customs of setting up their own Twitter accounts (ooh no!!). Here's Mark Crowe's (Who? You know, that dude without the beard!) Here's Scott Murphy's (Yeah, the one that's sexier and with the beard). There's even a Twitter account and a Facebook account dedicated to their resurrective selves.

Go visit their new website by clicking on their battle cry below.

Help the Two Gues from Andomeda create their epic new Spaceventure!

... I've been away from this for so long, I forgot what it tastes like. You may hook me up on Facebook yourself, or give me an e-mail howler in case you want to talk some sense into me. Believe me, many men and women - many of them better than you - have tried.

<FILE -> SAVE> "God, what am I doing? Please make it stop!"


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